CONTRA New York is a conceptual luxury fashion label + brand designed and produced in New York City.  The gender neutral collections are inspired by the streets of New York, hip-hop culture, techno + house music dance floors and the mission to facilitate individuality and go against the grain.  

We are fueled by the idea that form follows function, and quality dictates the wardrobe.  

Our seasonless capsule is a visual assemblage of deconstructed dialogue, cultural homage and a reinvigoration of streetwear, provocatively designed to fearlessly enhance individuality.  

With fabrics sourced globally--from Japan to Portugal--and cut and sewn by hand in New York, our methodology is reflected in our precise and deliberate approach to design, ethical responsibility and  sustainability.  

Our silhouettes aim to be inclusive by focusing on their wearability, accessibility and simplicity.  We exist to challenge the bounds of art and fashion, with the liberated wearer as our canvas. 


Welcome to the World of CONTRA.