CONTRA New York is a platform for the creator. A voice for the DJ, a canvas for the artist and a textile for the designer.

The JUST MAKE MUSIC capsule collection is an exclusive opportunity to join CONTRA and JORDI IVEN on their journey toward disrupting the intersection of fashion, music, and the metaverse. Now when you rock CONTRA, you’re not just wearing your favorite tee or hoodie (or both), but you’re giving the people around you the opportunity to interact with your clothing and engage in this experience via the unique QR code embossed on every garment.

JORDI couldn’t help himself, but to create an original track - I LOVE YOU - that celebrates this collaboration and will be downloadable for you to own with your purchase of the clothing.

Ok ok.. but that’s not all! The collaboration takes things even a step further with an original, unapologetically nebulous, and most importantly -limited- NFT that you can acquire to level up your virtual presence.

Join our movement with JUST MAKE MUSIC.


Just Make Music Tee
Just Make Music Hoodie
I Love You - NFT